About Us

Boyl Family Farm was established in 1885. It is a registered centennial farm that has been in the Boyl Family since George P and Mary Boyl moved here and had 13 children, 9 boys and 4 girls. George M., a bachelor, acquired the farm from his parents. In 1940 Wesley and Jean (D'Arcy) Boyl purchased the farm from their Uncle George, but George remained on the farm until his passing. In the early years at the farm, the family threshed grain for area farmers in the summer and logged and milled lumber in the winter. The large barn was built in 1933 and was used by the Boyl’s as part of their active dairy farm and apple orchard. In 1995 Justin purchased part of the farm from his grandparents Wesley and Jean Boyl and the remainder in 2011. Justin and Shari added some 4-H animals with their children in 2018. In December 2020 Justin and Shari joined the Longhorn Family and have been addicted ever since. Welcome to our farm. We hope you enjoy the gallery.